Baron Mance endows the HLA Hart Visiting Fellowship in Philosophy, Law & Politics

The Faculty is delighted to announce the endowment of the HLA Hart Visiting Fellowship - held at University College and made possible by a transformative gift from Baron Mance.  

Baron Mance is an alumnus of University College, and a retired British judge who was formerly Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. This gift grants the College, the Law Faculty and the University the opportunity each year to engage with a highly distinguished overseas guest who is invited to stay for up to one term during the academic year.  

In recognition of the generous contribution made by Baron Mance, the Fellowship has been renamed ‘The HLA Hart-JH Mance Visiting Fellowship in Philosophy, Law, and Politics’. University College has also paid special thanks to Mr Ray Fellman and the Arseny and Olga Kovshar Foundation, Mr Andrew White, Mr Kevin Warburton, Mr Michael Hayes, and many other donors who also contributed to the appeal.  

The Fellowship plays a pivotal role in the offerings in Law, helping to carry forth University College’s reputation as a world-class intellectual hub for Jurisprudence studies. It also helps promote new scholarly directions for the subject, helping to bring together those who work at the intersection of philosophy, law, and politics. The Fellow participates in life at University College and the Law Faculty, gives a seminar or workshop, and pursues their own research projects.   

This year’s HLA Hart-JH Mance Visiting Fellow is Professor Anita L Allen, Henry R Silverman Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. She will deliver the annual HLA Hart Memorial Lecture on Thursday 16 May in the Chapel at University College. The title of her lecture is ‘Unconditional Love, Some Implications for the Law’.  You can register to attend the lecture on the University College website.