The Bonavero Institute publishes new Report NO. 2/2023: The Illegal Migration Bill: Constitutional Implications

The Bonavero Report 2/2023 titled Illegal Migration Bill: Constitutional Implications was authored by Zoe Bantleman (Legal Director of the Immigration Law Practitioners' Association), Daniella Lock (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights), Lee Marsons (Senior Researcher at the Public Law Project), Jun Pang (Policy and Campaigns Officer at Liberty), Lindsey Reynolds (Law and Policy Manager at Amnesty International UK), Tom Southerden (Director of Amnesty International UK's Law and Human Rights Programme), and Charlie Whelton (Policy and Campaigns Officer at Liberty)

The Report is a joint briefing from the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, Public Law Project (PLP), Amnesty International, Liberty, and the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA) addressing the main ways that the Government’s Illegal Migration Bill threatens core constitutional principles. Each organisation has a strong history and reputation for independent, expert and high-quality casework, research, and/or policy advocacy on important constitutional matters.

The Report's focus on the Bill’s constitutional problems does not imply disagreement with the many moral, pragmatic and political arguments against the Illegal Migration Bill developed by civil society partners and frontline organisations. However, it focus on constitutional issues in this briefing because that is where the authors' legal expertise lies, and because they believe that the House of Lords is well-placed to ensure that constitutional fundamentals take priority.