Doctor of Civil Law award for Professor Peter Watts KC

Recognition of excellence for Peter Watts KC, Visiting Professor in the Faculty and Senior Research Fellow at the Commercial Law Centre at Harris Manchester College

Professor Peter Watts KC, Visiting Professor in the Faculty and Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College in connection with the Commercial Law Centre, has been given leave to supplicate for the degree of Doctor of Civil Law, a higher doctorate awarded by the University of Oxford in recognition of excellence in academic scholarship.

Professor Watts has been awarded the degree in recognition of his contribution to scholarship on the law of agency.

Of his award, Peter remarked:

"I am delighted to have established now a permanent connection to the University after a close association with the Law Faculty, and in particular its commercial, corporate, and restitution teachers that dates back to my first university sabbatical in 1988. That year Jack Beatson, Andrew Burrows and Derek Davies welcomed me as a visitor to the BCL Restitution seminars, and about the same time I established the enduring friendship and collaboration that I have had with Francis Reynolds. After he returned to the Faculty, and cemented through his visits to New Zealand, a friendship with Peter Birks became another strong connection to the Faculty. In 2017 I was honoured to be made a Senior Research Fellow at Harris Manchester College, attached to the Commercial Law Centre. I appreciate too the collegiality that I continue to enjoy with the current commercial, corporate and restitution scholars at Oxford."