Dr Naomi Lott Hosts UCL Laws Panel on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Dr Naomi Lott, John Fell Research Fellow at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights recently (19 February) introduced and chaired the UCL Human Rights Institute live panel. The panel was focused on tackling modern slavery and human trafficking. Naomi was joined by Professor Urmila Bhoola, Professor Parosha Chandran, Professor Virginia Mantouvalou, and Dr Marija Jovanonic from UCL.  

The panel was questioned on the current landscape of modern slavery; giving answers based on their experience as both practitioners and academics in the industry. Topics included: How timely and fitting is the new Global Commission on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking? What can we learn from previous attempts to combat modern slavery and human trafficking? If a new approach is needed, what should this involve, and what measures may bring about significant and lasting change? How should new initiatives engage with and work alongside existing actors working to combat modern slavery and human trafficking?   

The panellists were given the opportunity to highlight the past successes and failures of previous projects and suggested the need for new initiatives. Speakers also discussed the indifferences between a criminal approach to modern slavery and human trafficking and a human rights-based approach as well as addressing how the role of tort law when combating both. The session provided attendees with insights into the current challenges climate change gives to vulnerable communities and the increased need to contend with corporate responsibility for human trafficking and modern slavery in supply chains.  

Naomi recently took part in a Spreaker podcast with Play Scotland's Chief Executive, Marguerite Hunter Blair, and Spreaker Director of Projects, Cherie Morgan, about the Child's right to play. 

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