Freya Baetens releases new book: "The EU and the WTO: Ever the Twain Shall Meet"

The front cover of The EU and the WTO: Ever the Twain Shall Meet

Freya Baetens, Professor of Public International Law, has released a new book with co-editor Stefaan van den Bogaert (Leiden University) called "The EU and the WTO: Ever the Twain Shall Meet". Published by Kluwer Law International, the book analyses the European Union (EU) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) as ever more important players on the international legal scene, as well as points of reference for the development and functioning of similar institutions elsewhere.

Both institutions initially had a relatively small, trade-focused mandate, which has been significantly expanded over the past decades so that there are few legal issues today that are not, in some way, affected by EU or, perhaps to a lesser extent, WTO law. Today, the EU and the WTO interact on a global scale as rule-makers and – enforcers, with repercussions for the entire world’s population. Nevertheless, they are currently experiencing a backlash. Both institutions are likely to undergo major reform in the next years: the book scrutinizes current proposals and makes an educated attempt at predicting upcoming changes in the EU and the WTO format.

"The EU and the WTO: Ever the Twain Shall Meet" is available in hardback format.