Global Tax Governance Workshop, 18-19 October 2023

The Tax Research Group and the Centre for Business Taxation recently hosted an interdisciplinary workshop on Global Tax Governance.  Over two days, at Harris Manchester College and the Saïd Business School, international tax experts were joined by experts from public international law, politics and international relations to discuss governance issues stemming from recent multilateral efforts on international taxation. The second day provided insights from other areas of international cooperation (including banking, trade, environment, and health) that informed a broad-ranging discussion on what international tax governance could and should look like in an increasingly globalised world. Among the issues discussed were questions of fairness and legitimacy, the operation of international institutions and politics, and the viewpoint from countries in the global south. 


Workshop participants included:

Tax: Philip Baker KC (Oxford, Faculty of Law), Richard Collier (Oxford, Saïd Business School), Tsilly Dagan (Oxford, Faculty of Law), Michael Devereux (Oxford, Saïd Business School), Martin Hearson (IDS, IR), Mindy Herzfeld (U of Florida, Faculty of Law), Niels Johannesen (Oxford, Saïd Business School), Giorgia Maffini (PwC), Will Morris (PwC), Natalia Quinones (Quinones Cruz Law), Afton Titus (U of Cape Town, Faculty of Law), Nicholas Traut (Oxford, Saïd Business School), and John Vella (Oxford, Faculty of Law and Saïd Business School).

Politics and International Relations: Thomas Hale (Oxford, Blavatnik School of Government), Ranjit Lall (Oxford, Politics and IR), Emily Jones (Oxford, Blavatnik School of Government), Krzysztof Pelc (Oxford, Politics and IR), Paul Tucker (Harvard, Kennedy School of Government), Duncan Snidal (Oxford, Politics and IR), and Ngaire Woods (Oxford, Blavatnik School of Government).

Public International Law: Eyal Benvenisti (Cambridge, Faculty of Law) and Neli Frost (Oxford, Worcester College).


Professor Tsilly Dagan, Professor Mindy Herzfeld, Will Morris, and Professor John Vella convened the workshop.

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