Landmark Cases in the Law of Punitive Damages - 2 day workshop

James Goudkamp and Eleni Katsampouka convened a two-day workshop in October 2022 on the theme Landmark Cases in the Law of Punitive Damages. The proceedings, which were held at Keble College, addressed a selection of the most important punitive damages cases from around the common law world.

Presentations were given by TT Arvind and Jenny Steele (Huckle v Money), Kit Barker (Lamb v Cotogno), Ellen Bublick (Mathias v Acco Economy Lodging Inc), Iain Field (Rookes v Barnard), James Goudkamp (Broome v Cassell & Co Ltd), David Ibbetson (Wilkes v Wood), Eleni Katsampouka (Kuddus v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Constabulary), Pey Woan Lee (PH Hydraulics & Engineering Pte Ltd v Airtrust (Hong Kong) Ltd), Mark Leeming (Harris v Digital Pulse Pty Ltd), Mark Lunney (John v MGN Ltd), Felicity Maher (Gray v Motor Accident Commission), Solène Rowan (Cour de cassation, Civ 1, 1 December 2010, no 09.1303), Catherine Sharkey (State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co v Campbell), Zoë Sinel (Whiten v Pilot Insurance Co Ltd) and Stephen Todd (Couch v AG (No 2).

The final versions of the papers presented will be published in 2023 by Hart Publishing as part of Hart’s Landmark Cases series.