The Law That Shapes Us

In a brand-new feature for Hilary Term 2023, we asked students and researchers to tell us how a particular aspect of law is relevant to society today. Our project, The Law That Shapes Us, provides an exploration of this theme using different case studies.

During Hilary Term 2023, the Faculty of Law will publish three articles, written by our students, which cover topics ranging from contemporary feminist jurisprudence to artificial intelligence to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We are also encouraging you to get involved with our discussion and invite you to respond via Twitter (@OxfordLawFac). Use our official hashtag #TheLawThatShapes us to tell us what you think!

Read our first article written by John Croker, MPhil student at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. Our second article has been written by, DPhil candidate, Trenton Sewell. Our third and final article, published during Hilary Term 2023, has been written by Chelsea Wallis, DPhil Law candidate.

"Law, Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights; Connecting the Dots" by John Croker

"Just War Theory, and the Legal Equality of Combatants, in an Era of Unjust Wars" by Trenton Sewell

"Contemporary Feminist Jurisprudence" by Chelsea Wallis

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