New editions of 'Legal Ethics' and 'Family Law' by Jonathan Herring published

Two of Jonathan Herring’s popular textbooks, Legal Ethics, (3rd edition) and Family Law (11th edition) were published recently, by OUP and Pearson respectively.


The front cover of Jonathan Herring's book, Legal Ethics, 3rd Edition. Copyright OUP. the bacground is dark fading down to a lighter blue, with different coloured arrows weaving in and out of each other in the foreground.

Legal Ethics is a clear and engaging overview of legal ethics, highlighting the ethical issues surrounding professional conduct and raising interesting questions about how lawyers act and what their role entails. It has been updated to include new material on use of social media; updated content in light of new editions of professional guidance; examination of developments in professional ethics regarding sexual misconduct; and greater focus and coverage on the importance of diversity.


Family Law offers coverage of all essential family law principles, including theories, debates, and political and ethical dilemmas surrounding the subject. This edition has been fully updated with all significant developments in family law.


Both books are available online and in print.


Jonathan Herring's book Family Law, 11th edition, photo copyright Pearson. A bright yellow background with a pair of toddlers' colourful shoes next to a white toy rabbit