New funding for Border Criminologies

In March 2023, Mary Bosworth was awarded a 5-year British Academy ARP grant to secure the future of Border Criminologies, together with support from Leiden, Oxford, and Warwick Law Faculties.  This funding will allow Border Criminologies to appoint a new communications manager, to help disseminate the research findings of network members and to contribute to public policy. 

Border Criminologies turns 10 in September 2023. When it was founded in 2013, the criminological field of study of border control issues was in its infancy.  Today, the criminalisation of migration and, indeed, of asylum, has been normalised around the globe, with the UK playing an increasingly central role in such matters.  Under these circumstances, the need for empirical research and evidence is ever more urgent.  This ARP award signals clearly signal clearly the value of the organisation and its academic merit.