OPBP Report - Right to Early Childhood Development

The legal subcommittee of the Real Reform for ECD (RR4ECD) Campaign sought assistance in developing an advocacy brief on the right to early childhood development (ECD) that focuses on what the state’s obligations should be and what the public entitlements are. RR4ECD is a broad-based alliance supported by over 200 organisations, working towards securing and strengthening the right to ECD for millions of young children in South Africa. The Equality Collective, one of the founding members of RR4ECD and a member of its elected Steering Committee, asked OPBP to draw up a comparative report on early learning opportunities within the right to ECD and the nature and extent of state obligations in ensuring access to them. The report examines the following jurisdictions to represent approaches taken across different countries: Brazil, Finland, Indian, United Kingdom and international human rights law. In particular, it explores how different jurisdictions: (i) define the entitlements to early learning opportunities as part of the right to ECD; (ii) recognise state’s duties in promoting and fulling the right to ECD; and  (iii) establish obligations of the state vis-à-vis the private sector in relation to the right to ECD.  The report will serve as a resource in developing their advocacy brief, which will form the foundation of their advocacy campaign around the right to ECD and inform any new legislation that may come out of the campaign.