OPBP's latest report on “Affirmative Consent in the Law of Sexual Offences” is published

Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) partnered with the Right to Equality, a non-profit organization operating in the United Kingdom, to produce a report on how commonwealth jurisdictions have incorporated ‘affirmative consent models’ into the law of sexual assault.

Right to Equality has the aim of highlighting the inequalities that women, girls and marginalized people suffer and raising awareness of the legal mechanisms available to protect them through policy advocacy. The organization is interested in exploring whether incorporating an affirmative consent model in the sexual offence law of England and Wales may facilitate a shift towards ensuring that all the parties involved in a sexual interaction have consented to the sexual activity. OPBP’s contribution to Right to Equality’s overarching aim focused on the position of the law of sexual consent in Australia (with a focus on New South Wales), the United States of America (Vermont, Wisconsin, and New Jersey), and Canada.

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