OTJR: Call for Researchers and Committee Members 2023 (Deadline: 20 June)

The Oxford Transitional Justice Research Group (OTJR) is recruiting a Chief Editor, a Web and Communications Manager, and Researchers for a project on ‘Best Practices and Strategies for Outreach to Affected Communities in the Transitional Justice Context’.

To be eligible for these positions, you have to be a student or staff member at the University of Oxford. Additional information on the positions can be found below.

Although each position has certain specific responsibilities, each Committee Member also contributes to the work of the Committee as a whole. The deadline for applications is 20 June 2023. Applicants are requested to submit a CV (of not more than two pages) and a short cover letter to OTJR’s Convenors at otjr@law.ox.ac.uk. Applicants may apply for more than one position but, if they do so, they are requested to indicate their preference in their cover letter.


1. Chief Editor - JusticeInfo.Net

The Chief Editor is responsible for editing the group’s scholarly output for its collaboration with JusticeInfo.Net. This involves primarily commissioning academic contributions for JusticeInfo.net and supervising and coordinating the work of the Justiceinfo.net team of editors. This post is also responsible for liaising regularly with the Editor-in-Chief of JusticeInfo.Net and managing the relationship between this platform and OTJR. The selected applicant will retain the post for the academic year 2023-24.

2. Web and Communications Manager

The Web and Communications Manager is responsible for updating and maintaining OTJR’s website and social media. This post will also play a leading role in updating and promoting OTJR's online presence, liaising with other institutions and expanding OTJR’s social media base, which currently consists of more than 600 newsletter subscribers. The selected applicant will retain the post for the academic year 2023-24.

3. Researchers – OTJR Project on ‘Best Practices and Strategies for Outreach to Affected Communities in the Transitional Justice Context’

OTJR is creating a multidisciplinary team to complete a research project for an international non-profit organisation into best practices and creative strategies for outreach to affected communities in the context of transitional justice processes. The research project will focus on outreach strategies relating to international crimes prosecutions, particularly in post-conflict and post-dictatorship contexts and especially where such crimes are considered emblematic of harms suffered by many victims or where the cases are considered especially sensitive for political reasons. For more information on outreach initiatives in the area of transitional justice, see here and here.

A priority area of the project will be transitional justice processes in national jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions of interest include Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, Tunisia, Rwanda, and Liberia.

We are looking for short-term researchers for this project. Applications are welcome from graduate students (taught and research) from law, international relations, area studies, public policy, political science, and other backgrounds. We are aiming to finalise the report by the end of August, and will organise a preliminary team meeting in the first week of July.


Any questions about these positions and the application process can be directed to the convenors, Gayathree Kalliyat Thazhathuveetil (gayathree.kalliyatthazhathuveetil@law.ox.ac.uk) and Tsvetelina van Benthem (tsvetelina.vanbenthem@merton.ox.ac.uk).