Ngoc Son Bui

Ngoc Son BuiI come from Vietnam. I am a graduate of Vietnam National University-Hanoi (LLB; LLM) and The University of Hong Kong (PhD). I live in Oxford with my wife and two children. 

An academic career fits my natural inclination. When I studied at a high school, I read a lot about philosophy and history.

 My research interests are comparative & constitutional law in Asia, particularly in the socialist and Confucian culture-influenced jurisdictions. This is due in part to my background: Vietnam is a socialist country and has a Confucian tradition. Currently, I am writing a book on legal reform in five socialist countries: China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Vietnam. 

My hobby is music. I like listening and singing Vietnamese songs, especially the songs that mix some jazz with Vietnamese traditional music. When I was a lecturer at Vietnam National University-Hanoi, I won a gold medal inthe National Teacher Singing Festival. 

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