Nuffield Research, Development and Analysis Fund

Notify Faculty of intention to apply by: 12 August 2024

Deadline: 16 September 2024 (outline stage) 

The Nuffield Foundation invite applications to their Research, Development and Analysis Fund. Proposals must seek aim at improving the design and operation of social policy and should address at least one of Nuffield's three core domains of EducationWelfare and Justice.

For eligibility, see the Nuffield Foundation's Guide for applicants.

Process - Applications for under £750,000 are considered twice yearly, with March and September deadlines for outlines. Applications for between £750,000 and £3 million are considered once a year, with a deadline for outlines in March. Successful applicants to the March deadline (<£750,000 &  >£750,000) will be invited to submit a full proposal in June; successful applicants to the September deadline (<£750,000 only) will be invited to submit a full proposal in December. NB: Nuffield confirmed that for the March 2024 round applications over £750,000 were being paused "while we undergo a period of strategic consultation". We expect Nuffield to confirm in MT24 whether >£750,000 applications will be allowed in the March 2025 round. 

How to Apply - This scheme has a two-stage application process. For the first stage, applicants must submit a short outline to the Nuffield Foundation using their online form. The next deadline for doing so is 16th September 2024 (applications for £750,000 and under only). 

Please notify Research Administration at least 5 weeks in advance if you intend to apply. The Faculty internal deadline for the March 2024 round will be 12 August 2024.