Postdoctoral Fellows

In addition to our established staff and students the Centre has a number of post-doctoral researchers who form an important part of our intellectual community. 


Post-doctoral fellowships allow those who have recently completed their doctorate time and space to publish from their thesis and carve out new directions for their research.  They are supported in this by established staff at the Centre who offer formal and informal mentoring.  Every post-doc is given office space at the Centre and is offered a one to one session with the Director once a term to talk through their career plans and how we can support them.  Our senior administrator also works with post-docs who want to work up new grant proposals and our established staff regularly read drafts with a view to sharpening up the proposal.  In the academic year 2019-2020 we also launched a new professional development programme for post-docs which has given us an opportunity to support them in getting published, making grant applications and applying for their first established posts. Post-docs are also given opportunities to present their work and participate in our socio-legal methodology classes.

We welcome expressions of interest from anyone interested in applying for a post-doctoral funding scheme who is interested in being based at the Centre. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch with any member of staff or the Director:


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