Legal History

Lorren Eldridge, supervised by Professor Joshua Getzler
Submitted in 2021
Elham Ali Fakhro, supervised by Professor Denis Galligan
Submitted in 2018
Gerardo Caffera, supervised by Professor Alexandra Braun
Submitted in 2017
Eesvan Krishnan, supervised by Professor Joshua Getzler
Submitted in 2014
The 1878 Royal Commission on Copyright: Understanding an Attempt at Victorian Copyright Reform
Barbara Lauriat, supervised by Professor Joshua Getzler
Submitted in 2013
The Role of Punitive Sanctions in the Early Development of the Right to Copy
Catherine Lee, supervised by Professor Michael Macnair
Submitted in 2010

The Rise of Substantive Due Process in Nineteenth-Century New York
Laura Inglis, supervised by Professor Joshua Getzler (awarded by the Faculty of History)
Submitted in 2010

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