Lecture List

NOTICE: Non-members of the University may not attend university lectures (unless they are announced as open to the general public) without payment of a fee, otherwise than by personal invitation of the lecturer concerned.

Public lectures in the Law Faculty (those freely open to non-members of the University) are advertised on our Events page.

Non Faculty of Law matriculated students and Senior visiting scholars from other universities who wish to attend lectures, seminars, or classes should apply to the lecturer concerned directly. The Faculty Team reserve the right to ask any attendee at any lecture or seminar to produce their University ID card.

The Lecture List is a restricted document available to users with an Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) only. If you are not a member of the University of Oxford and would like to view a sample document contact us. An index of current lecture lists from around the University is also available.


  • The Trinity Term 2024 Lecture List is now available. Click here to access the file

  • Please note SSO login and multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required to access the file. The Lecture List is now a live document updated in real time so we advise against printing it.

All enquiries relating to the production of the Law Lecture List, or amendments to it, should be sent to lecture.list@law.ox.ac.uk

All Faculty students should refer to the Lecture List to check the most up to date information before attending any lectures

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