ESRC Secondary Data Analysis Scheme

Open Call: Please notify Faculty at least four weeks in advance of intended application date.

Apply for funding to support research that exploits existing data resources for social and economic research, created by ESRC or other agencies.

Proposed research is not required to use ESRC-funded data resources, though this is encouraged.



The project lead for this funding opportunity can be based at any organisation eligible for ESRC funding throughout the duration of the grant. Proposals can draw from the wider sciences, but the social sciences must represent more than 50% of the research focus and effort. 

Please see the UKRI page for this opportunity for detailed specifications for what costs the ESRC will and will not cover for projects funded by this scheme. 


Duration and Value

The duration of this award is up to two years (24 months) and the Full Economic Cost of your project can be up to £300,000 (the ESRC will fund 80% of the FEC).


How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via the UKRI Funding Service system by 25 January 2024 4:00pm UK time. The project lead is responsible for completing the application process on the UKRI Funding Service, but the UKRI expect all team members and project partners to contribute to the application.


Internal Restrictions

We will support applications from academics who are already employed by Oxford on a permanent contract. Applicants who do not have a permanent post will require this grant to cover their salary. In this case, it will be difficult to justify requesting the salary of a full-time principal investigator as the dominant component of the grant, as this would preclude the employment of a project team, as required by the ESRC for a successful application.

We will support applicants who wish to request the salary of a part-time principal investigator of 0.4FTE (two days a week) or less. Before applying, we ask applicants to find an Oxford academic on a permanent contract to act as their mentor for the duration of the project.



This funding opportunity has now reverted back to an open call on an ongoing basis as opposed to consecutive rounds. The Faculty requests if you are interested in applying to this scheme that you notify us at least four weeks ahead of your intended submission date.