Corporate Groups: Facilitation and Control

Event date
11 January 2018
Event time
09:00 - 16:30
Oxford week
Harris Manchester College

A one day conference is to be held on Thursday 11 January at Harris Manchester College, Oxford on Related Party Transactions in Corporate Groups. It is being organised jointly by the Commercial Law Centre and the EW Barker Centre for Law & Business, National University of Singapore. It is the latest in the series of conferences organised jointly by the CLC and NUS.

The idea behind the conference is to compare and contrast the approach to this issue in the UK and other European jurisdictions, on the one hand, and in a set of Far Eastern jurisdictions, on the other. Often, these geographically disparate countries started with a common legal heritage but have had to adapt it to different economic contexts. The aim of the day is to compare and contrast the development of law and practice in jurisdictions with a civil law heritage as well as those with a common law background. The conference will bring together leading practitioners and academics to discuss issues related to this theme. Speakers will include Professor Pierre-Henri Conac (Luxembourg), Professor Luca Enriques (Oxford), Professor Kon Sik Kim (Seoul), Professor Dan Puchniak (Singapore) and Professor Umakanth Varottil (Singapore).


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