Digital Platforms: Enloya and The Future of the Legal Industry

Event date
26 August 2020
Event time
10:00 - 11:00
Oxford week
Manuel Sanchez



Digital platforms have reached a level of maturity that allows professionals from across the globe to create all types of interesting cross-border collaborations. Expanding your professional and business network is literally no further than just a few click away. One of the many industries that lacks a global digital platform, though, is the legal sector.

Businesses and individuals around the globe continue having difficulties finding affordable legal solutions to their problems. Lawyers continue spending thousands of dollars on business development and lead generation. And legal-tech creators are finding it hard to convince prospects to use their technology.

Enloya is building a one-stop platform that brings the entire legal industry together and allows their players to collaborate and transact remotely, with one goal in mind: to help business and individuals around the globe access affordable legal solutions in just a few clicks.

About the Speaker

Manuel Sanchez is an entrepreneur and business strategist specialized in digital platforms. Founder and CEO of Enloya, a multi-sided platform that connects businesses in need of legal solutions with lawyers, law firms, and legal technology companies that can provide them. He is currently at the very end of his Ph.D. studies at The Graduate Institute, Geneva, where is completing a 5-year-long research on the law of evidence in WTO dispute settlement. Manuel has a Master of Laws from Georgetown University and a Bachelor of Laws from the Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology. As a lawyer, Manuel is a litigator specializing in international trade law and policy, and in such capacity, he has worked for big law firms as well as for the WTO Secretariat in Geneva and his government in Mexico City. As an entrepreneur, he's on a mission to digitize the legal industry and to bridge the gap between legal solutions and legal needs globally. His startup Enloya makes it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access affordable legal services in just a few clicks, and for lawyers and legal-tech comp├ínies to find new clients and collaborate with other legal professionals remotely.