Ending the Fast Track?

Event date
1 February 2016
Event time
17:00 - 18:00
Oxford week
Manor Road Building - Seminar Room A
Jerome Phelps, Director of Detention Action

Abstract: The legal challenges brought by Detention Action, a small NGO, have led to the suspension of the Home Office’s system for detaining asylum seekers, the Detained Fast Track. However, the Minister for Immigration has announced that a new Fast Track process is in development. Does this litigation demonstrate the scope for legal challenges to achieve fundamental change to the immigration system, or the limitations of that change in the longer term? Jerome Phelps, Director of Detention Action, will discuss the process and thinking behind the litigation and the prospects for the new Fast Track.

About the speaker: Jerome Phelps has worked with migrants in immigration detention since 2003. He has authored or co-authored four reports on detention, including ‘Point of No Return: The Futile Detention of Unreturnable Migrants’ (2014). Detention Action is national charity that supports people in immigration detention and campaigns for change to detention policy.

All are welcome to attend.   

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