Explaining Promising Return Trusts in China

Event date
26 January 2022
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13:00 - 14:00
Oxford week
HT 2
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Members of the University
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Dr Zhicheng Wu

Over the past two decades, a type of trust which can be called the ‘promising return trust’ has been used as a device in wealth management, securities investment and other financial scenarios in China. The gist of a promising return trust is to take advantage of trust investment and debt investment, so that both the risks of the trustee’s insolvency and failure of investment can be mitigated considerably. However, such a commercial design has long received negative attitudes from Chinese financial regulators. The Chinese Supreme Court has not expressly responded to the doctrinal issue of its validity until November 2019. This talk is to discuss the interaction between the doctrinal and the regulatory positions regarding two types of promising return trusts, and to compare them with the English counterparts, namely, unit trust and subordination trust.

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