The Hamlyn Lecture Series 2021 - Final Lecture

Event date
11 November 2021
Event time
18:00 - 19:00
Oxford week
MT 5
The Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre
Lord Pannick QC

Lord Pannick QC

Lord Burrows QC

The Hamlyn Trust was created in 1948, by Miss Emma Hamlyn in memory of her father, a solicitor and Justice of the Peace in Torquay, Devon, England. The object of the Trust is to further knowledge and understanding of the law, and this is achieved through an annual series of public lectures by distinguished judges, legal practitioners, academic lawyers and other eminent speakers. The Hamlyn lecture Series is run in partnership with the Hamlyn Trust.

This years Hamlyn lectures series consists of the following three lectures; ‘The Essence of Advocacy’, ‘The Morality of Advocacy’ and ‘The Future of Advocacy’, which will take place on 9-11 November 2021.

Lord Pannick will deliver the final Hamlyn Lecture in the series to be chaired by The Rt. Hon. Lord Burrows QC



The Hamlyn Lecture Series 2021: Advocacy


Final Lecture - The Future of Advocacy

The final lecture will consider whether advocacy as it has been practised in our courts for centuries can survive the challenges which it now faces. Is Professor Richard Susskind correct in saying that because of the demands of justice and efficiency, and the opportunities offered by technological developments, oral advocates will be - and should be - "eliminated" from the legal process (save for exceptional cases) as "people do not really want you. They want the outcomes you bring"? This third lecture will present a more positive view of the future of oral advocacy and encourage young students to pursue advocacy as a career. 



Lord Pannick QC 

Lord Pannick QC is one of the UK’s most highly regarded advocates, practicing in a broad range of areas with a particular emphasis on Public law & Human Rights and Constitutional Law. He has acted in a large number of the leading public law cases of the last 25 years, appearing in 100 cases in the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords (before it was replaced by the new Supreme Court), more than 20 cases in the Supreme Court since its creation in 2009, more than 25 cases in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and over 30 cases in the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. He appears both for Claimants and for Respondents –whether government departments or other public bodies. He acted for Gina Miller in the Supreme Court in September 2019 when the Court held, by 11-0, that the Prime Minister had unlawfully prorogued Parliament and so Parliament was recalled the next day. His current and pending cases in the Supreme Court include litigation in the fields of employment law, trusts law, patent law and commercial law. He regularly appears in the courts of Hong Kong both for and against the government.