The Persistence of Equity: Lessons from the Trust

Event date
31 March 2022
Event time
17:00 - 18:15
Oxford week
HT 11
Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre (and online)
Ben McFarlane

Notes & Changes

A recording of this lecture is now available at the Law Faculty's YouTube site:

Professor Ben McFarlane

The Rt Hon Professor Lord Burrows QC


The Persistence of Equity: Lessons from the Trust


This will be the inaugural lecture of Professor Ben McFarlane, who was appointed as Professor of English Law, and a Fellow of St John's College, in October 2019. It was suggested by Maitland, over 100 years ago, that the "development from century to century of the trust idea" is the "greatest and most distinctive achievement" of English law. This lecture will aim to show how understanding the nature and operation of the trust, and its continued operation nearly 150 years after the Judicature Reforms put an end in England to a separate set of Chancery courts, helps us to make sense of the relationship between common law and equity more generally.  

The lecture will be chaired by Lord Burrows, Justice of the Supreme Court.



Registrations will close at 12 midday on Monday 28th March. Those attending online will be sent the link to join a few days before the event.