Police Governance in India

Event date
16 November 2018
Event time
15:00 - 16:00
Oxford week
Centre for Criminology Seminar Room
Associate Professor Akshay Mangla

Akshay Mangla is an Associate Professor in International Business at the Saïd Business School. Akshay's primary expertise lies in the comparative political economy of developing countries, with a regional specialisation in South Asia. Akshay's research focuses on public and private governance, institutional performance, and the changing nature of state-society relations in India. 

Akshay employs innovative research designs and empirically-grounded methods to study the dynamics of governance. His research analyses variation in the performance of the state in India, across different regions and policy domains. Currently, he is conducting an in-depth study of the Indian police. The study investigates the norms, incentives and political conditions that influence how the police administer law and order. Akshay and his collaborators are using a mix of qualitative and experimental methods to evaluate the impact of institutional reforms on police behaviour, citizen perceptions and crime reporting.

This seminar is part of the Policing Discussion Group. Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided.

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