Border Criminologies and Global Criminal Justice Hub Seminar on Policing Modern Slavery:
Border Criminologies and Global Criminal Justice Hub are hosting an upcoming seminar on police responses to modern slavery. Modern Slavery is the term used for the offences of slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. Detective Chief Inspector Jennifer Bristow, Head of Operations and Development, Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit (MSPTU) and Anthony Jefferson, Head of Joint Slavery and Trafficking Analysis Centre, National Crime Agency (NCA) will discuss policing modern slavery. This will cover operational and strategical approaches to policing modern slavery including cross-county and cross-border work and multi-agency collaboration.
The seminar will start at 4:00PM on Tuesday, November 13th and finish at 5:30PM, with time for discussion included. Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be served beforehand from 3:45PM-4:00PM. This seminar is open to the public.

Detective Chief Inspector Jennifer Bristow:
As MSPTU head of operations and development, Detective Chief Inspector Jenny Bristow is responsible for the what works team, the national referral mechanism triage team and the regional coordinators based in each of the Regional Organized Crime Units. Jenny leads in activities that identify, develop and promote best practice, and in uplifting forces’ strategic and tactical responses. Jenny brings to the MSPTU a strong background in crime investigation. As senior investigating officer on Operation Endeavour, Jenny secured convictions for gangmaster, money laundering and sham marriage offences through a multi-agency investigation into the exploitation of migrant workers in rural Cambridgeshire. Jenny was also senior investigating officer for Operation Mustily, a 2015 modern slavery investigation across seven police forces, and led a national multi-agency day of action which secured Cambridgeshire’s first ever conviction for human trafficking. Jenny was seconded to HMICFRS as an associate inspector to design and deliver the early 2017 modern slavery thematic inspection, before joining the MSPTU on secondment from Cambridgeshire Police.
Anthony Jefferson:
As head of the Joint Slavery and Trafficking Analysis Centre (JSTAC), Anthony Jefferson oversees the development of JSTAC, liaising with stakeholders in order to ensure the team’s products make a positive impact. Anthony was instrumental in the original design of JSTAC and in gaining support from the various agencies embedded within the team. Initially joining as JSTAC’s lead analyst, Anthony oversaw the production of intelligence assessments on topics ranging from state-sanctioned slavery in North Korea, to the use of adult services websites by human traffickers. He has focussed on modern slavery intelligence for the past two years, prior to which he served in several roles in the National Crime Agency’s (NCA’s) intelligence directorate and as a staff officer. Anthony is a NCA officer posted to a role funded by the MSPTU.