What is the Common Good?

Event date
22 February 2021
Event time
19:30 - 20:30
Oxford week
Members of the University
Zoom Webinar
Adrian Vermeule

Prof Adrian Vermeule will discuss 'What is the Common Good?' with Ryan Meade for the first event of The Common Good Project.

The Common Good Project seeks to foster a discussion on the relationship between law and the common good. The Project begins its efforts by exploring the common good from an array of perspectives. The Project will host a weekly conversation series with legal theorists, philosophers, policy makers, economists, and others. Prof Vermeule will start the series with a discussion on why it is important for law to be directed to the common good and will explore the notion of the common good. 

Adrian Vermeule, AB, JD is the Ralph S. Tyler Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School. He is also a Council member of the Admininistrative Conference of the United States.

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As background for Prof Vermeule's discussion of the common good, participants may wish to read his following recent articles:



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