John Fell Fund

Notify Faculty of intention to apply by: 25 September 2024 (MT24 round)

Next Deadline: 23 October 2024 (MT24 round)

The John Fell Fund supports small grants of up to £10,000 and large grants (with no upper limit). The applicant may not ask for funding for his or her salary, but salary costs of a researcher/assistant may be requested. In the Law Faculty we often apply for funding for pump-priming activities, or workshops or for support for early career researchers.


This is for Oxford internal applicants only. If on a fixed term contract then the contract must run beyond the proposed project end date. Established researchers may normally only apply to the John Fell Fund for the same project once (ECRs who have secured funding for a small award may later apply for main award funding on the same project). Resubmissions for unsuccessful applications will not be accepted, except where invited by the John Fell Fund Committee or Divisional Sub-Committee.


 Please see full scheme details on the John Fell Fund website.


Deadlines will generally be in Week 2 of each term. The dates for the next standard round are:

Funder deadline: 12pm, 23 October 2024 (Michaelmas Term 2024 round).

Law Faculty deadline for first draft review: 2 October 2024 (3 weeks prior to deadline)

Law Faculty deadline for notification of intention to apply: 25 September 2024 (4 weeks prior to deadline), by email indicating whether you will be applying for a small or main grant.

Please note that if there is a large amount of interest in this opportunity, there may be a need for an internal selection process.