The Clarendon Law Lectures 2012

In November Lord Collins of Mapesbury delivered three lectures on “Justiciability in National and International Law”  as part of the  Clarendon Law Lectures.   Taking the audience on a journey through domestic and international law across five continents and three centuries, Lord Collins addressed the general question of which issues are appropriate for resolution by judges. The extraordinary range of the lectures is indicated in the titles of the three Lectures: ‘The concept of justiciability: from Richard Duke of York to President George W Bush’, ‘Acts of state and the relationship between national and international law', and ‘Political questions and war and national security’. The Clarendon Lectures are an annual series of lectures which are published in a special series by Oxford University Press.

Lord Collins - Clarendon Lectures 2012, in The Cube

Lord Collins delivers the third of his 2012 Clarendon Lectures, in The Cube at the Law Faculty.