Oxford Pro Bono Publico recognised in the Commission on a Bill of Rights Report

OPBP's research has been recognised in the recent Commission on a Bill of Rights Report, in which it recommends the adoption of a UK Bill of Rights. The Commissioners said that they were "greatly assisted" by OPBP's response to an earlier discussion paper when preparing Chapter 5 of the report which provides an overview of how Member States of the Council of Europe have integrated European Convention on Human Rights in their legal systems. Congratulations to the OPBP team for all their hard work on this submission. The team was supervised by Dr Liora Lazarus and the research was co-ordinated by Laura Hilly (former OPBP Chair, 2010), Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne (former OPBP Treasurer, 2010), Peter Morcos, Jonathan Worboys and Paolo Ronchi (former OPBP Treasurer, 2011). The research team consisted of: Eirik Bjorge; Stephen Dimelow; James Fraczyk; Andrea Grgic; Marija Jovanovic; Antonios Kouroutakis; Natalia Lojko; Gerard Sadlier; Päivi Neuvonen; Ailbhe O'Loughlin; Adelaïde Remiche; Michail Risvas and Barbara Havelkova. A copy of OPBP submission can be found here: http://denning.law.ox.ac.uk/news/events_files/OPBP_Submission_to_The_Bill_of_Rights_Commission-_Nov_2011.pdf The Commission's Report may be found here: http://www.justice.gov.uk/about/cbr