Part-time doctoral programme approved for the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies is delighted to announce that its proposal for a part-time doctorate (DPhil) in Socio-Legal Studies has been approved.

Applications dated from September 2016, for first admissions October 2017. This creates new opportunities for those who wish to engage in law and society research who require some flexibility with their study are not able to commit to it on a full-time basis. The new programme therefore also contributes to the Centre’s agenda for diversity and extensions participation.

Part-time doctoral researchers will contribute to the Centre’s academic mission to pursue excellent scholarship in its current key areas of activities; constitutionalism, migration, legal pluralism, legal consciousness and comparative Socio-Legal research, regulation, including utilities regulation and environmental protection, media policy as well as alternative dispute resolution and civil justice systems. 

Part-time doctoral students will be engaged in developing new forms of dialogue and knowledge exchange between academia and the world of public policy making, administration and private commercial activity, in particular where students’ research projects may relate to themes encountered e.g. in other settings, such as professional employment, PhD studies etc.

Part-time candidates will have the opportunity to join the Centre’s vibrant and established community of 30 + current research students, post-doctoral researchers and long-term staff.

Part-time doctoral students will be well supported through:

  • Supervision by experienced researchers with international academic reputations who can advise on a range of both theoretical and empirical Socio-Legal research skills.
  • The Centre’s established course on ‘Theory and Methods in Socio-Legal Research’.
  • A range of further courses in social science research methods and legal subject areas offered by the Social Science Division and the Law Faculty of the University of Oxford.
  • The Centre’s full-time and part-time doctoral training programme in Socio-Legal research is accredited by the UK Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC). Students who fulfil eligibility criteria can therefore be nominated for ESRC studentships.

For further information about the Centre’s new part-time DPhil programme contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr Bettina Lange and visit our website.