Comparative Law Seminar in Seville on Contract and Property

In 2017, the Institute of European and Comparative Law entered into an agreement with the Law Faculty of the University of Seville for the exchange of academic visitors and research collaboration, including biennial research seminars.  During this academic year we have had our first exchange of visitors under the agreement; and on Friday 13 April, the first research seminar was held in Seville, coinciding with the 500th anniversary of the Law Faculty of Seville.

The seminar, on the theme of "Contract and Property" explored a range of comparative issues in the relationship between contract law and property law in English law, Spanish law and other jurisdictions. The speakers from Oxford were Professor John Cartwright (Director of the Institute), Professor Birke Häcker (Linklaters Professor of Comparative Law), Dr Ciara Kennefick (Career Development Fellow, The Queen's College) and Agnès Kwiatkowski (Maison Française d'Oxford visiting doctoral student at the Institute). Speakers from Seville were Professor Ángel López López, Professor Manuel Espejo Lerdo de Tejada, Professor Juan Pablo Murga Fernández, Professor Encarnación Montoya Martín and Professor Francisco Capilla Roncero, all from the Law Faculty at the University of Seville, as well as Professor Francisco Oliva Blázquez from the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville. The seminar was opened by the Dean of the Law Faculty at Seville, Professor Alfonso Castro Sáenz, together with the Dean of the Oxford Law Faculty, Professor Anne Davies.

The seminar was very successful, involved a lively exchange of views between the participants, and proved an excellent foundation for our new institutional relationship with the Law Faculty at Seville. The papers from the seminar will be revised and translated, and published in due course: we hope that there will be two volumes, one in Spanish in the Seville Law Faculty's series of publications; the other in English in the Institute's series.