Oxford Law Students win the Eleventh International Roman Law Moot Court Competition

The Oxonian team of four law students, Ms Niamh Herrett, Mr Andrew Dixon, Mr Tim Koch, and Mr Daniel Schwennicke have won the Eleventh International Roman Law Moot Court Competition. 

The team was supported by Professor Wolfgang Ernst (All Souls) on substantive legal issues and Ms Alexandra Varga (St Cross) moot coach. The Competition this year was organized by Dr Ben Spagnolo (Cambridge) as Moot Coordinator and Professor Jean-François Gerkens (University of Liège) and took place in the welcoming Belgian cities of Eupen and Liège. The mooters learned about the complexities of two legal proceedings in Roman law; rei vindicatio and actio de incendio ruina naufragio rate nave expugnate. The participants also enjoyed a day out to a chocolate factory and the German-speaking Community's parliament in Eupen.


Moot Team pictured from left to right:

Ms Alexandra Varga (Moot Coach)
Professor Wolfgang Ernst
Ms Niamh Herrett (Mooter)
Mr Tim Koch (Mooter)
Mr Mr Daniel Schwennicke (Mooter)
Mr Andrew Dixon (Mooter)