Faculty launches new blog in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy

The Law Faculty has set up a forum for debate on issues relating to the 2017 Grenfell tragedy

Top of Grenfell Tower with Banner
One year on from the 2017 Grenfell tragedy, a new blog has been launched on the Faculty website. The blog, ​Housing After Grenfell​, is managed by an editorial team of James Angove and Susan Bright, and aims to provide the opportunity for discussion on matters arising from the tragedy, specifically those relating to housing and law.

Susan Bright outlined some of the important questions arising from the Grenfell tragedy that the blog aims to ask:

What does the law say about fire safety, about accountability, about listening to the voices of those living in high-rise housing?

She added that the Housing After Grenfell​ blog provides:

a space for diverse voices – informing and challenging these debates.

​As of 26 June, the blog has already released its first two posts. The first explores how private blocks of flats can be made safer in the wake of last year's tragedy, and the second examines whether tower block refurbishment projects are doing enough to improve the lives of residents.

The blog has issued an open call for submissions, including but not limited to themed posts on particular legal issues, summaries of new publications, and opinion pieces on recent developments relating to the tragedy.

Find out more about submitting to Housing After Grenfell