Oxford alumnus appointed director of Greek Asylum Service

Dr Markos Karavias, a former student of the Law Faculty, has been selected by the Greek Ministry for Migration Policy as the director of its Asylum Service.

Dr Karavias took up the position on 19 April 2018, succeeding Maria Stavropoulou, who was in the role for six years. During his time in Oxford, Dr Karavias completed a Magister Juris (Distinction), an MPhil in Law, and a DPhil in Law at the Law Faculty, and went on to undertake postdoctoral research at the University of Amsterdam between 2014 and 2016. He has since worked as an assistant professor in International Law at the Universities of Utrecht and Amsterdam.

In Greece, Dr Karavias has served as counsel on refugee law and human rights cases, having qualified with the Athens Bar Association, and has also worked with the Greek Minister for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change in an advisory capacity. His articles addressing questions of international law, including refugee law and human rights law, have appeared in several peer-reviewed journals.

The Asylum Service of the Hellenic Republic was established by Law no. 3907/2011, becoming the first institution of its kind in Greece. The Asylum Service exmaines all claims for international protection lodged in Greece, with the aim of ensuring that the country's national legislation and international obligations are abided by. The director heads the institution and serves for a term of three years.