MSc Taxation student Tatiana Kelly wins Kellogg College Community Engagement Award

All current Kellogg College students are eligible for consideration for a Kellogg College Community Engagement and Impact Award. These awards are made to students who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to community engagement, increasing impact, promoting knowledge exchange, or widening participation. Examples of community engagement and impact include, but are not restricted to, disseminating their research to the public for example in schools and sites of historic or architectural interest, creating a research-related blog which has attracted proven interest in its content, developing computer applications of direct use to public users, engaging with wider media such as through an exhibition or use of social media, and mentoring. 

Tatiana has volunteered as a researcher on a project aimed at recommending changes to existing housing provisions for victims of domestic violence, and was involved in pro-bono research that led to a change in Irish law, by criminalising the purchasers of sex services. Tatiana volunteers in the local community giving career talks in tax to local secondary schools. This forms part of a larger project in collaboration with the Irish Tax Institute aimed at creating awareness of careers in tax and sharing knowledge in the local community. Driven by Tatiana, this year the scope of the project is being expanded to include more active engagements, such as prizes and tours.

Further information can be found on the Kellogg website