University of Oxford Maitland Chambers Inter-Collegiate Mooting Competition 2020

The Grand Final of the University of Oxford Maitland Chambers Inter-Collegiate Mooting Competition (Cuppers) 2020, between Magdalen and University took place at Harris Manchester College on Thursday, 5 March 2020.

The moot problem for this year’s Grand Final involved an appeal before the Supreme Court. The problem involved a future Parliament abolishing the courts and installing a new court system with limited grounds of appeal. Arguments canvassed many aspects of constitutional law, including parliamentary sovereignty, the separation of powers and the rule of law.

The mooters made creative arguments on a difficult problem. The Grand Final was judged by Mark Cunningham QC, Richard Morgan QC and Gregory Banner QC, barristers at Maitland Chambers. Mr Banner QC delivered at the end of the round a full judgment on the merits of the case. Mr Cunningham QC and Mr Morgan QC were in agreement with his findings. All four finalists were commended on the sophistication of their arguments and clarity of manner. Mr Cunningham QC noted the particularly high standard of the moot.

Magdalen College (Appellants) was represented by Mr Charles Redmond and Ms Cassandra Somers-Joce and University College (Respondents) was represented by Ms Valerie Kwok and Mr Matthew Ho.

The winners of this challenging Grand Final were the Appellants, Magdalen College. Mr Redmond received the award for best speaker.