Michael Morrison publishes new paper on regulation of stem cell therapies

Stem Cell Reports
Michael Morrison has recently published a paper in Stem Cell Reports on the regulation of stem cell therapies in Japan, with colleagues from the University of Kyoto - Takashima, K., Morrison, M., and Minari J. (2021). Reflection on the enactment and impact of safety laws for regenerative medicine in Japan Stem Cell Reports, 16(6); 1425-1434.

Michael’s fellow authors also designed the cover image of the issue of the journal in which the paper is published.

The cover has the following caption:

"The cover image portrays a tree, representing developing stem cell-based interventions, and a Möbius band, implying the nature of regulations with their three key elements: research and care; safety and efficacy; and hope and concerns. This illustration was inspired by the reverse view of "Ginevra de' Benci" (1474/1478) by Leonardo da Vinci. See Takashima, Morison and Minari, pp. 1425-1434. Cover design by Mindy Takamiya.”