Second edition of Commentary on the European Insolvency Regulation published

A second edition of Bork and van Zwieten (eds) Commentary on the European Insolvency Regulation has been published by Oxford University Press.

The first edition of this book has become a widely cited work on the interpretation and effects of the European Insolvency Regulation, the world's most ambitious instrument for the resolution of the problems that arise in cross-border insolvencies. The second edition retains the work's distinctive pan-European perspective (the commentary is contributed by a team of expert scholars and practitioners with expertise across a number of European jurisdictions) while offering new analysis of recent developments in the burgeoning body of case law on the Regulation, of the impacts of Brexit, and of the relationship between the Regulation and the new European Restructuring Directive.

The authors of the commentary are:

  • Kristin van Zwieten
  • Reinhard Dammann (Dr. iur., Avocat à la Cour, Chargé de cours at Sciences Po Paris and at the Sorbonne University of Paris),
  • Francisco Garcimartín (Professor of Law, University Autónoma of Madrid),
  • Katja Lenzing (MJur (Oxon), Legislative Officer, Directorate General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission, Brussels),
  • Renato Mangano (Dr. iur., Professor of Law, Chair of Commercial law and Insolvency law at the University of Palermo),
  • Paul Oberhammer (Dr. iur., Dr. iur. h.c., Professor of Law at the University of Vienna, Permanent Visiting Professor at the University of St. Gallen and Rechtsanwalt (Hanseatische Rechtsanwaltskammer Hamburg); Of Counsel with Wilmer Hale),
  • Georg Ringe (Dr. iur., Professor of Law and Finance and Director of the Institute of Law and Economics at the University of Hamburg, and Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford),
  • Jessica Schmidt (Dr. iur., LL.M., Chair of Civil, German, European and International Company and Capital Markets Law at the University of Bayreuth),
  • Florian Scholz-Berger (Dr. iur., Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Vienna),
  • Sir Richard Snowden (M.A. (Cambridge), LL.M. (Harvard), Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales),
  • Tibor Tajti (S.J.D., LL.M., Professor of Law, Central European University-Private University, Wien, Austria, Chair of the International Business Law Program),
  • Michael Veder (Professor of insolvency law (Business & Law Research Centre, Radboud University, Nijmegen), visiting professor at Nottingham Law School, adviser at RESOR N.V.),
  • Miguel Virgós (Professor of Law, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid),
  • Bob Wessels (Prof. em. of international insolvency law, University of Leiden, the Netherlands. Member of the Group of Experts on restructuring and insolvency law advising the European Commission).

As in the first edition, the book begins with a chapter written by Kristin van Zwieten that contextualises the commentary and anticipates some of the major themes that recur throughout the book. The chapter offers a detailed account of the historical negotiation of the Regulation, which is essential to understanding its contemporary features, links these features to theory on the problems that arise in cross-border insolvencies, and analyses the relationship between the Regulation and the Restructuring Directive, and the implications of the Directive’s enactment for the future of European cross-border insolvency law.

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