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Adrian Briggs is the Sir Richard Gozney Fellow and Tutor at St Edmund Hall. He has been teaching in Oxford since 1980. His main interest is in private international law, and within that, in questions of civil jurisdiction and the effect of foreign judgments. He spent 15 years as one of the editors of Dicey, Morris and Collins, The Conflict of Laws, but his own perspective on the subject, in its increasingly European guise, is now published as Private International Law in English Courts, the first edition of which came out in October 2014. This takes its place alongside his several other books on private international law, of which Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments is the most established, and Private International Law in Myanmar the newest. He also practises from chambers in the Temple, and finds that the problems which arise in legal practice provide an endless source of raw material for reflecting on and refining one's understanding of the law. 


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  • A Briggs, 'Arbitration and the Brussels Regulation again' (2015) Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 284 [Case Note]
  • A Briggs, Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (6th edn Informa Law from Routledge 2015)
    The law of civil jurisdiction and the effect of foreign judgments: a full and fully-revised statement of the law taking into account in particular Regulation 1215/2012.
    ISBN: 9781138825604
  • A Briggs, 'Judicial assistance still in need of judicial assistance' (2015) May 2015 (informa) Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 179
    Analysis of the private international law (common law rules) of cross-border assistance in insolvency cases, with particular reference to two recent cases in the Privy Council.
    ISBN: 0306 2945
  • A Briggs, Private International Law in English Courts (Oxford University Press 2014)
    Restatement of the rules of Private International Law as they apply in English courts in 2014. The aim is to place the European and statutory material, and the methods associated with it, at the centre of the account, and in that sense to depart from the traditional approach, which is to treat the subject as though constructed on a common law foundation, as this is no longer representative of the subject as it operates in English courts
    ISBN: 9780198713739
  • A Briggs, 'Recognition of Foreign Judgments: A Matter of Obligation' (2013) 129 (2013) Law Quarterly Review, Sweet & Maxwell 87
    Evaluation of the theory explaining which foreign judgments have an effect (and if any, what effect) in the English legal order.
    ISBN: 0023-933X
  • A Briggs, 'In for a penny, in for a pound.' (2013) informa / Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 26 [Case Note]
    Analysis of decision of Supreme Court in Rubin v Eurofinance and New Cap v Grant.
    ISBN: 03062945
  • A Briggs, 'One-sided jurisdiction clauses: French folly and Russian menace' (2013) Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 137 [Case Note]
    Analysis of decisions of French Supreme Court and of Russian Supreme Court on efficacy of one-sided jurisdiction agreements
    ISBN: 0306 2943
  • A Briggs, The Conflict of Laws (3rd edn Oxford University Press 2013)
    Concise and complete account of the rules and principles of private international law
  • A Briggs, 'The subtle variety of jurisdiction agreements' (2012) informa; Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 364
    Analysis of and reflection upon the various functions of jurisdiction agreements at common law and in the regime of the Brussels I Regulation
    ISBN: 0306 2945
  • A Briggs, 'The Principle of Comity in Private International Law' (2012) 354 Receuil des Cours: Collected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law 65
    Text of a course on the nature and role of comity in private inernational law derived from lectures given at the Hague Academy in June 2011
    ISBN: 9789004227286
  • A Briggs, 'Co-ownership and an equitable non sequitur' (2012) 128 Sweet & Maxwell, Law Quarterly Review 183 [Case Note]
    Comment on one, but important, aspect of the judgments in Jones v Kernott, pointing out the flaw in the application of the maxim that equity follows the law in the law of co-ownership of land.
    ISBN: 0023 933X
  • Lord Collins of Mapesbury, A Briggs, Andrew Dickinson and Jonathan Harris, Dicey, Morris and Collins on The Conflict of Laws (15th edn Sweet & Maxwell 2012)
    The ultimate work for scholars, practitioners, and judges on private international law
    ISBN: 9780414024533
  • A Briggs, 'Forum non satis: Spiliada and an inconvenient truth' (2011) Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 329 [Case Note]
    Note of the decision in AK Investment v Kyrgyz Mobil Tel
    ISBN: 03062943
  • A Briggs, 'The Brussels I bis Regulation appears on the horizon' (2011) Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 157
    Analysis of principal proposals for amendment to Brussels I Reguation
    ISBN: 0306-2945
  • A Briggs, 'The development of principle by a final court of appeal in matters of private international (common) law' in Lee (ed), From House of Lords to Supreme Court (Hart 2011)
    Analysis of what the Supreme Court might properly have contributed to the development of principle in private international law, and of why it is improbable that it will get much chance to do so.
    ISBN: 9781849460811
  • A Briggs, 'The Rejection of Abuse in International Civil Procedure' in Rita de la Feria and Stefan Vogenauer (eds), Prohibition of Abuse of Law (Hart Publishing 2011)
    Analysis of the principe of abuse of law as a component (or not) of private international law so far as this is governed by European Union law.
    ISBN: 978184113988
  • A Briggs, 'What shold be done about jurisdiction agreements ?' (2011) 12 Yearbook of Private International Law / Sellier European Law Publishers 311
    Consideration of the approach to be taken to disputed jurisdiction agreements in the particular context of the proposals for the reform of the Brussels I Regulation.
    ISBN: 9783866531895
  • A Briggs, 'Decisions of Brtish Courts in 2009: Private International Law' (2010) 80 Oxford British Year Book of International Law 575
    Survey and analysis of decisions of British courts on questions of private international law in 2009
    ISBN: 9780199597024
  • A Briggs, 'Recogntion: foreign judgments or insolvency proceedings ?' (2010) Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 523 [Case Note]
    Consideration of the decision in and implications of Rubin v Eurofinance SA
    ISBN: 03062943
  • A Briggs and J J Edelman, 'Restitution and not-so-local authority swaps' (2010) 126 Law Quarterly Review 500 [Case Note]
    Analysis of Depfa Bank v Haugesund Kommune
    ISBN: 0023933X
  • A Briggs, 'Timeo Danaos on the Rock of Gibraltar' (2010) 126 Law Quarterly Review 20 [Case Note]
    Analysis of decision of Privy Council in Calyon v Michaelides
    ISBN: 0023933X
  • A Briggs, 'Decisions of British Courts 2008: Private International Law' (2009) 79 OUP British Year Book of International Law 2008 501
    Survey and analysis of decisions of British courts on questions of private international law in 2008
    ISBN: 9780199580392
  • A Briggs, 'Fear and Loathing in Syracuse and Luxembourg' (2009) Lloyd's Maritime & Commercial Law Quarterly 161 [Case Note]
    Analysis of decision of European Court in C-185/07 Allianz SpA v West Tankers Inc.
    ISBN: 03062945



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Private International Law: all asepcts of common law and European law, but especially jurisdiction and foreign judgements. 

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