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Professor Zuckerman continues to teach, supervise graduate students and is an active member of the Faculty.

Fellow, Univ College, 1973- .

Formerly: Res Fellow, Balliol College, 1971-73.


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  • A A S Zuckerman, 'A Collossal Wreck – the BCCI Three Rivers litigation' (2006) 25 Civil Justice Quarterly 287
    ISBN: 1-847-03074-2
  • A A S Zuckerman, 'Tariffe Forensi e Libera Prestazione di Servizi Professionali; Fixed Minimum Legal Fees' (2006) 39(1) Rassegna Forense 191
    pp. 191-203 are in English, pp. 205-221 are in Italian and include additional notes on the translation.
    ISBN: 0557-6873
  • A A S Zuckerman, Zuckerman on Civil Procedure (Sweet & Maxwell 2006)
    ISBN: 0 421 919108
  • A A S Zuckerman and P Roberts, Criminal Evidence (OUP 2004)
    ISBN: 978-0-19-876497-7


Research Interests

Civil Procedure and Evidence

Options taught

Criminal Law (Mods), Principles of Civil Procedure

Research projects