Alex is completing his DPhil in Law at the Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford. His thesis investigates the criminal activities and organisational structure of the Big Circle Boys, based on first-hand data derived from field interviews and official documents.

He is the Coordinator of the University of Oxford One Belt One Road (OBOR) Programme and the UNCTAD-Oxford Conference on Consumer Redress.  He is also a Research Assistant at the Foundation for Law, Justice and Society and for the Best Practices of Consumer Redress Project.


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  • D Silverstone, J Whittle and A Chung, 'Organised Crime and Corruption in China,' in F. Allum & S. Gilmore (eds) Handbook on Organised Crime and Politics (Edward Elgar 2017) (forthcoming)
  • A Chung, The Big Circle Boys: The Resilience of an Ethnic-Chinese Criminal Network in the Drug Markets (Manuscript under review) (Palgrave Macmillan 2017) (forthcoming)
  • A Chung and others, 'Understanding Energy Use in Oxford's Private Rented Student Properties.' (Consultancy Report, Oxford City Council 2016)
  • A Chung, 'The Big Circle Boys: Revisiting the Case of the Flaming Eagles.' (2008) 9/4: 306-331 Global Crime
  • A Chung and others, The Justice Project: Legal Opinion on Intercept Communication (Justice UK, Oxford Pro Bono Publico 2006)
  • A Chung and others, The Bosnia Project: Legal Research on the Amendments to the Law on Criminal Procedure of Bosnia-Herzegovina (Judge Malik Hadziomeragic of the Supreme Court of FBIH, Oxford Pro Bono Publico 2005)



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Criminology; organised crime; mafias; triads; street gangs; criminal networks; network resilience; narcotics trafficking; drug markets; corruption; illegal immigration; human smuggling and trafficking; forensic archaeology; forensic anthropology; crime scene investigation.

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