Amirhossein Salehi

DPhil Law
Law Faculty

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Wolfson College


Amir is currently pursuing his DPhil in Law at Wolfson College and Oxford Faculty of Law, focusing on the regulation of Artificial Intelligence and digital platforms. His research, supervised by Professor Justine Pila, aims to explore the role of "gatekeepers" in the digital economy and how law can restrain their influence for the benefit of society. Born in Tehran, Amir initially studied electrical engineering with a minor in the philosophy of science at Sharif University of Technology. Later, he shifted his focus to law, completing his master's in International Law at Shahid Beheshti University. In Iran, Amir contributed to various research initiatives, including drafting the Iranian Personal Data Protection Act and giving workshops on the EU's AI proposals. He is driven by an interest in understanding the dynamics of power in both democratic and non-democratic settings.

Research Interests

  • AI Law
  • Data Privacy
  • Technology Law & Regulation
  • Law & Ethics
  • Human Rights Law
  • Philosophy of Law