Annika Lindberg

PhD Candidate, University of Bern


Annika Lindberg is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Sociology, University of Bern. She works as a research associate in the research project entitled 'Contested Control at the Margins of the State', directed by Prof. Christian Joppke and Prof. Tobias Eule, which explores and compares migration control practices across seven European countries. Her PhD research focuses on the management of rejected asylum-seekers and migrants with precarious legal status in Denmark and Sweden. Using institutional ethnography, she explores the everyday, 'banal' dynamics of control in asylum centers and immigration detention, including the ambivalent role of non-state agencies and humanitarian organisations in enforcing and contesting these practices. Annika obtained her MSc in Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2014, and had previously obtained an MSc in Political Science at Uppsala University.

Research projects & programmes

Border Criminologies