Etienne is a political scientist and doctoral researcher in the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and Wolfson College. Advised by Professor Fernanda Pirie (CSLS) and Professor Ezequiel González Ocantos (DPIR), he works on comparative judicial politics, rule of law backsliding, and the European Union's protection of judicial independence in Hungary and Poland. Etienne's other professional interests are the U.S. Supreme Court and South Korean politics, especially the party system. In his research, Etienne uses mixed methods. Much of his research relies on process-tracing using semi-structured elite and expert interviews as sources to complement written materials. He also mines online data from websites and social networks (especially Twitter) for text-as-data applications using computational social science methods.


Research Interests

  • judicial politics and courts
  • European Union
  • comparative political institutions
  • democratic backsliding