Filipa joined the DPhil program in October 2022.

Filipa's research focuses on law and language, paying particular attention to ambiguity and mistakes in language, such as that which can be found in particular gradable terms and expressions. Her DPhil is being supervised by Professor Timothy Endicott.

Her wider research interests fall within analytic jurisprudence, philosophy of language and philosophical logic. Filipa is particularly interested in word-meaning and conceptual analysis. She is a founding member of The Collective of Women in Legal Philosophy, a group created to promote and support women in legal philosophy and legal theory, and currently co-convenes the Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group (2023-2024).

Prior to her doctoral studies, Filipa read law at Kent Law School.

Research Interests

Law and Language, Interpretation, Word-Meaning, Conceptual Analysis, Jurisprudence, Philosophy of Language, Logic

Research projects & programmes

Jurisprudence Discussion Group