Francesca Uberti


Francesca is a researcher working on the Covid No-Fault Compensation Schemes project at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies.

She is currently also a final-year PhD candidate in socio-legal theory at the London School of Economics, where she is in receipt of the ESRC - Rena Field Scholarship. Her doctoral research, titled 'Vaccine Opposition in the Information Age: A Study on Online Activism and DIY Citizenship' explores the phenomenon of mediated vaccine-critical activism, and particularly how online vaccine critics engage with, invoke and re-interpret legal concepts and institutions in ways which support their claims and arguments.  Francesca has a background in law and anthropology, holding degrees from Bocconi University (Milan) and the LSE, where she read the MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society. Her research interests span from mediated participation and its impact on citizenship in the information age, media and social theory, qualitative methodologies, digital activism, healthcare law and policy, and the interconnections between accountability, trust and expertise in late-modern social contexts.

Research projects & programmes

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies