Herbert Woopen


Dr Herbert Woopen is the Director of Legal Policy at the European Justice Forum, and a practicing lawyer having been admitted to the Bar in Cologne in 1991. His doctoral theses (Universität zu Köln 1988 and Université de Clermont-Ferrand 1992) were on civil procedure law and he has a particular interest in alternative dispute resolution. In 2013, having held senior roles in banking and insurance for many years, Herbert returned to legal practice. His legal work has been varied, including arbitration against the Italian Republic in the renewable energy market based on the Energy Charter Treaty and combating expropriation in Spain.

Herbert has a longstanding relationship with the Centre for Socio-Legal studies. Between 2013 and 2020 he was a Research Associate on the Swiss Re  Programme for Civil Justice Systems, looking at collective redress and alternative dispute resolution. Herbert is currently assisting with the Covid-19 No-Fault Vaccine Compensation Schemes Project, and he has appointed as a Senior Associate for the duration of this project.

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