Javier Gallego Saade

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Oxford Jurisprudence Discussion Group Law Faculty


Javier Gallego is a DPhil candidate at University College. Supervised by Professor David Enoch, and formerly by Nicos Stavropoulos, his doctoral research focuses on manipulation and the rule of law. He obtained his law degree from the University of Chile (2014) and holds an LL.M. in Legal Theory from New York University (2018). His research at NYU, on human dignity in atrocity crimes, was supervised by Jeremy Waldron.

While a Law student he spent the Fall of 2010 at Harvard Law School as part of an academic exchange program, where he was enrolled in Constitutional Law, Human Rights Law, and Political Philosophy.

He is currently a full time professor at University Adolfo Ibañez Law School in Santiago, Chile, where he teaches Legal Theory and convenes a mandatory seminar on Lawyers' Ethics. He has also taught the core Ethics course in the Department of Liberal Arts.

Javier has published articles and edited volumes on legal and political philosophy, legal ethics, constitutional rights and animal rights. His work has been published in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, the International Journal of Constitutional Law, Isonomía (ITAM), and the Chilean Journal of Animal Law.

In Oxford he is currently convenor of the Jurisprudence Discussion Group, and has tutored in Jurisprudence at St Catherine's College.


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